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"The people who benefit the most from the way things are, don't want things to change.
Why waste your time preaching to them?"

Hey! I'm Erika Lucas, but my friends call me E. I'm an immigrant, active angel investor and the proud mom of two brave Mexican-American girls. I'm married to my Co-Founder Chris who is living proof men can be feminists. He and I Co-Founded StitchCrew. I'm also the Founder of VEST.

My career background is unscripted just like me. I started my career in Mexico helping multinational companies offshore. Upon coming to the U.S. I served in Government which led me to Private Equity (told you it was unscripted). Three years ago, I left my six figure salary with bonuses and paid vacations to build a more equitable economy.


That's when we co-founded StitchCrew, an organization connecting early stage entrepreneurs, particularly women and people of color, with the capital, resources and networks to launch and scale startups in the middle of the country. We do this in partnership with our local NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.


In 2020 I launched VEST, a curated network of influential women supporting each other through their career journey and working together to expedite the pipeline of more women in positions of power and influence. 

Want to know why? Watch my Ted Talk or connect with me on social: LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

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We also host a podcast highlighting entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers redefining Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship.




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