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Erika Lucas is the Founder of StitchCrew, an organization providing capital and resources to the new majority entrepreneurs as well as VEST, a peer network for women professionals and investment fund investing in women-led companies building solutions for the intersection of the Care Economy and Future of Work. Erika is a thought leader, sought-after speaker and LinkedIn Top Voice on Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship. 

Founding StitchCrew

After a successful career in economic development and private equity, Erika and her husband Chris launched StitchCrew to democratize access to capital, resources and social networks for traditionally overlooked entrepreneurs. Since it's launch in 2017, StitchCrew has supported more than 200 women and minority owned startups and partnered with global brands like the NBA Team the Oklahoma City Thunder, BASF and Google, along with government agencies and philanthropy organizations.

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Founding VEST

To counter the disproportionate effect the Covid-19 pandemic had on women in the workplace, Erika launched VEST, a peer network for women professionals providing executive and professional development coaching, year-round. To double-down on this effort, Erika also founded VEST Her Ventures, a firm investing in women-led companies working on solutions to fix the Care Economy Crisis and enabling the future of inclusive workspaces. 

Erika  is a sought-after speaker addressing a wide range of audiences, from Fortune 500 and leading tech companies to trade associations, economic development organizations, universities and educational groups. Erika speaks on a wide variety of topics including the New Majority Economy, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Gender Bias in the Workplace, Women and Leadership, Democracy, Advocacy, and Technology. 

VEST Her Podcast

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