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Erika is the Founder of StitchCrew, an organization connecting women and BIPOC entrepreneurs with the capital, resources and networks they need to launch and scale companies. Since its launch, StitchCrew has partnered with brands like the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Google, BASF, and others to create programming for traditionally overlooked founders. Erika also founded VEST, an organization investing in women-led companies and connecting women professionals with extended networks. In this capacity she also manages VEST Her Ventures, an early stage Venture Capital Firm investing in women-led companies in the Future of Work and Care Economy. She is also a LinkedIn Creator and the host of the VEST Her Podcast, a show about the barriers women face in the workplace and stories of women building power collectively. Erika is on the Board of Directors of Arvest, Oklahoma Policy Institute, Oklahoma City County Health Department, Diversion Hub and is a member of the Latino Corporate Directors Association. 

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    If you'd like to partner with us at StitchCrew, please send us an email at If you'd like to partner with us at VEST, please send us an email at If you want to pitch us for investment, read our investment criteria first and fill out the investment form in VEST Her Ventures. If you would like to ask me a question or share a thought, reach out to me via DM on LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok. Due to capacity I'm no longer doing: - One-on-one coaching, unless you are part of a StitchCrew program or a VEST Member - Serve on non-profit boards or committees My sincerest apologies that I cannot do more. Thank you for understanding!
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    Erika co-founded StitchCrew with her husband Chris to build a more equitable economy in the middle of the country through entrepreneurship. Since the launch of the organization they've partnered with organizations like the NBA Team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Google, BASF and the Canadian Embassy to unlock the potential of underserved entrepreneurs in their region. Watch Erika's Trillion Dollar Blindspot Tedx Talk Erika also co-founded VEST, a private network of influential women building power collectively. In this capacity, Erika invests in women led-companies in the Care Economy and Future of Work. VEST also makes it easy for women to gain proximity to other influential women so they can grow their network, be top of mind for opportunities, and learn from the experiences of other women. Erika is the host of the VEST Her Podcast where she interviews influential women addressing the invisible barriers holding women back in the workplace and features stories of women building power collectively. Prior to StitchCrew and VEST, Erika was a Partner at a Private Equity Firm and Global Director at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Originally from Mexico, Erika now resides in Oklahoma City with Chris and their two daughters Paulina and Mia. Boards and Affiliations include: ARVEST Bank Diversion Hub Oklahoma City County Health Department Oklahoma City Downtown Partnership Oklahoma Policy Institute 2021 Oklahoma Women in Tech Trailblazer 2020 Women Making a Difference
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